Members of the House of Commons

A Member of Parliament (MP) is elected by a particular area or constituency in the United Kingdom to represent them in the House of Commons. Once elected an MP represents all the people in his or her constituency and can ask government ministers questions, speak about issues in the House of Commons and consider and propose new laws.

Use this dataset:

  • If you want to find information on Members of Parliament.

Our Members' Names Data Platform provides a powerful set of APIs and tools for querying Member data.

MP Search

This provides a user interface which allows you to search members using multiple filters, suitable for developers and non-developers. Selecting this option will show you the first few records from the dataset and then allow you to select data from the dataset by filtering on any of the attributes for Commons Members. You will then be able to download or display the data in the following formats: CSV (e.g. for use in Microsoft Excel), TTL, Text, XML, JSON or RDF (e.g. for developers)

Members' Names API

The Members' Names Data Platform has been created in order to provide interested parties with full access information about Members of Parliament and Peers sitting in the House of Lords. Data is available for current and previous members and is exposed in a number of formats.

Members data.parliament API

Developers can build API calls using the explorer tool. Help for the APIs can be found at

Members of the House of Commons Atom Feed

This provides an example URL to provide the most recent 20 resources for the House of Commons Members dataset. This format is mainly for developers. You can refer to for help on the syntax for atom feed requests.