House of Lords Written Statements

Government ministers can make written statements to Parliament as well as oral ones. Oral statements often address major incidents, policies and actions. Written ministerial statements are normally used to put the day-to-day business of government on the official record and in the public domain.

This dataset contains written statements delivered to the House of Lords by Government Ministers starting from November 2014. The statements are addressed to the whole House rather than a written question tabled by a member

Use this dataset:

  • If you are interested in the day-to-day business of the government and the House of Lords.

House of Lords Written Statements Atom Feed

This provides a URL to provide the most recent 20 resources for House of Lords Written Statements. This format is mainly for developers, but will return links to XML files for each of the 20 most recent written statements given by ministers in the Lords. You can refer to for help on the syntax for atom feed requests.