Lords Attendance

The Lords Attendance Dataset provides a record of the attendance of members of the House of Lords.
A member is counted as having attended if they have been present on a given date at a sitting in the House of Lords chamber, at a Grand Committee or Select Committee sitting or if they have been recorded as voting in a division in the main chamber.
Select Committees can meet on days when the Chamber is not-sitting and therefore it is possible for an attendance to be recorded on a day that the House is not sitting.
Attendances are published on the first day of the calendar month, two months after which they occur (e.g. Attendances in November will be shown from the start of January onwards).

Use this dataset if you:

  • Want to view the level of attendance for specific days
  • Want to check the attendance of a specific member on a specific day
  • Want to view who attended a committee on a day
  • Want to link member details and their attendance programmatically

Lords Attendance Search

This provides a user interface which allows you to search terms used within Parliament using multiple filters. Selecting this option will show you the first few records from the dataset and then allow you to select data from the dataset by filtering on any of the attributes for the attendance. You will then be able to download or display the data in the following formats: CSV (e.g. for use in Microsoft Excel), TTL, Text, XML, JSON or RDF (e.g. for developers).

Lords Attendance API

Developers can build API calls using the explorer tool. Help for the APIs can be found at http://explore.data.parliament.uk/?learnmore=Lords Attendances

Lords Attendance Atom Feed

The feed contains the 20 most recent resources for Lords Attendances. This format is mainly for developers. You can refer to http://api.data.parliament.uk/help for help on the syntax for atom feed requests.